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    • Revitalizing shampoo with caffeine and 7 herbal extracts against hair loss

      / suitable for both women and men /
      21.90 BGN

      200 ml.

      Stop hair loss and activate the regeneration of new hair right away - no chemicals.

      The unique combination of 7 herbal extracts and caffeine is a natural method for regenerating and thickening hair. This is the result of the long-standing effort of the research institute of the Jean-Claude Lourd hair institute in Switzerland where they discover the innovative formula. It contains caffeine to help micro-circulating the scalp and thus improves the absorption of the active substances. It also contains valuable plant extracts and soft enhancement substances that nourish and heal the hair. This unique combination ensures that it will restore the strength and density of your hair. An effective solution for the natural treatment of hair loss and thinning in both women and men.

      With this product your hair will become healthy, thick, shiny and will smell with a light and pleasant scent!

      Hereditary factors, anxiety, poor nutrition are the main causes of hair loss. Contemporary scientific discoveries prove that caffeine is useful in revitalizing and activating the roots of damaged hair. Scalp blood circulation increases, hair roots awake and charge, and genetically predicted hair loss is obstructed. In addition, extracts of birch, nettle, arnica, chamomile, hops. malt and quinine strengthens and protects the new hair growth by contributing to a healthy and sparkling look.

      Usage: Apply on a wet hair a quantity no larger than hazelnut. Carefully rub to obtain foam and leave 2-3 minutes to act on the active ingredients. Rinse and, if necessary, repeat.

      This product has been radically tested!

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